Traveling Clothes [#dressfortheday]

We are leaving on a jet plane today to go to lovely Oklahoma for Thanksgiving. I’ve heard some people talk about dress codes when flying, but the only dress code I want to adhere to on travel days is: practical. I also try not to just wear my pajamas, and I also never fly first class. Here’s a little look at what I need my clothes to do when I travel.

Pockets. I need pockets to stash my credit card, and then my id, and then my boarding pass, and then my headphones, and whatever other random items pass through my hands. In the bustle of travel, so many things need to be readily accessible and easily stash-able. I will be wearing at least four pockets today.

Boots. I try to wear my heaviest/bulkiest shoe to the airport. While this seems annoying, it means I have more room in my suitcase– which is necessary if you don’t want to pay the luggage fees and are stuffing all your trips clothes into a carry-on. Which we are.

Socks. I hate walking through security in bare feet. Thats basically it.

Comfy Pants. I am opting for leggings today with a long shirt. Otherwise I will go with my comfiest jeans– thereby satisfying the pocket requirement too.

A Gigantic Bag. I tend go a little overboard with entertainment materials: books, computer, knitting, snacks, etc. I usually bring a big bag that can fit all of this stuff– and anything else I might not be able to fit in my suitcase– and then keep my smaller purse inside of that. Pockets on the bag are also helpful (just remember to check them when you get home and can’t find your diver’s license).

Bon Voyage! Happy Thanksgiving!

I loved this #dressfortheday idea that I came across on dear abby leigh’s blog. “Dress for the day you want to have… not the one that’s trying to have you.” Fun and brilliant, right? 


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