My Smelly Yoga Mat

When I was relaxing into child’s pose last week, I got a good whiff of something… nasty. After concluding that I had in fact applied deodorant that morning, I realized that it wasn’t me; it was my yoga mat. Ick. I have sweated quite a bit on that mat the last few months, but cleaning it never crossed my mind. But now it is a necessity.

So of course, I turned to the internet for help. (How did people find answers to problems like this before the internet?)

This blog post from A Daily Cup of Yoga recommends hand-washing it with dish soap or putting it in the washing machine. I can’t imagine that my mat is machine washable… But if it says so on the internet, it must be true.

I also found a blog that offers steps for “eco-cleansing” using vinegar instead of dish soap.  I might try this in the future, but I am a little worried that my mat will continue to smell like vinegar.

Apartment Therapy offers a recipe for a daily cleanser to use after each class. This would probably be a good idea to prevent my current predicament… We’ll see if I learn my lesson and clean my mat regularly (but I doubt it).

After some research,  I opted for the dish soap routine. I gave my mat a nice little bath and let it dry for a day and a half. I must have been a little aggressive with the soap, because it took a few good rinses to get it out. But now it is clean and smell free!

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