I’m baaaack!

Let me explain:

I had every intention of finishing 31 Days in the Open Air. I only had four days left! But as we neared the departure time for our vacation, other things took precedence over writing and scheduling blog posts (things like: searching for my lost passport, packing, and throwing a party). And then once we were on our cruise, wifi cost a whopping $0.75 a minute. And it was incredibly slow. I figured I would store up some great posts and share them when we returned… only to discover, once we got home, that the internet at our apartment wasn’t working. We finally got it up and running last night.

So, here I am. Two weeks late, but I do have some great stuff to share! Our regularly scheduled programming will commence on Monday.

Please enjoy this picture of Mowgli with his new haircut and have a great weekend!



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