My name is Nora. I am a youth worker, a dog-owner, and a station-wagon-driver. I love being outside, feeling the grass between my toes, and digging dirt out from under my nails. I am an amateur adventurer; I have dabbled in many different outdoor activities, but I am the master of none. I am a day-trip guru and a weekend warrior, always dreaming of bigger and better trips, but rarely seeing them.

When I am in the great outdoors, when I can feel the wind on my skin, I breathe deep and my mind opens. The constant movie track in my mind of to-do lists and want-lists and problem-lists fades. I start to see ripples in the water and turtles on logs and my little tiny speck of a person on this big great planet. In a kayak, on a lake, I have all the space I need to dream and wander and be. This is where I learn the most about myself, about the world, and about faith. That’s what I want to share with you here.

Here, on this little blog, I share stories with you from my amateur adventures. I write about attempting to camp with my golden doodle and about our favorite places on the East Coast. I am a voracious reader, so I often talk about what I’ve been reading. I share about running and training for my first ever half marathon (in Disney World! Wearing a tiara!) and new activities I’m trying, like aerial yoga. Every now and then, I write about my job at a youth center and rant about things like “YOLO”.

I hope you feel welcome here. I hope this space encourages you to get outside and feel the sunshine on your shoulders, or raindrops on your cheeks. There is so much waiting to be discovered, outside, by you and me. It’s an incredible world, and it has a little something for everybody. Even the amateurs.

Nora 2

Art Credit: Kelinda Ganow


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