Outdoor Movie Night

outdoor movie night

We have been thoroughly enjoying the outdoor space in our new home, and our most favorite activity to date was our outdoor movie night. We threw this party at the end of October, when it was still getting dark at 7pm and we hadn’t yet had a hard frost. Under the guise of Shawn’s Birthday/Housewarming/Why The Heck Not, we invited a few friends over for food, fire, and an outdoor showing of Hocus Pocus. (It was the weekend before Halloween, after all. I put a spell on you!)

We borrowed a tarp/white sheet screen from a friend, along with a moveable fire pit and a few crockpots. Actually, we borrowed the projector, the speakers, and the movie as well. I even used some leftover decorations from an event the week before at my work! (Thanks to everyone who lent us stuff!) I made a few different kinds of chili and some hot apple cider and lined up crockpots under lamps on a table outside. We used a lot of extension cords. We grilled hot dogs and roasted marshmallows and enjoyed pumpkin beer around the fire. We asked the guests to bring their own lawn chair/blankets, and everyone curled up to enjoy the movie. We managed to have perfect weather– cool enough to cuddle, but no one got frostbite– and there were no bugs! We had a great time, and we are already looking forward to doing it next year!


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