This is me. I am an amateur at just about everything: adventure, paddling, cooking, fashion, running, blogging. I am really good at: reading, baking chocolate chip cookies, and playing uno with the teens at the community center where I work. I am terrible at: math, applying make-up, and quoting The Office correctly.




This is the husband, my partner in adventure. He is currently watching reruns of The Office on TV and the Phillies game on his iPad. He is a two-time Mini Masters Champion (yep, mini-golf) and he laughs at his own jokes. He won me over on a bench in Argentina when he told me he was adventurous– and it has certainly turned out to be true!




This is our not-yet-one-year-old golden doodle. Yes, we know he is black, but I swear he is a golden retriever and poodle mix. His favorite pastime is to swallow items whole and throw them up in the middle of the night. To date: seven socks, four pairs of underwear, and one pork rib bone. He is trying out a new hobby of tearing up the carpet in our rental apartment. Goodbye, security deposit.




And these are the kayaks that started it all. We didn’t get them to match on purpose, I swear. But match they do. Thanks for reading our blog and happy paddling!


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