Sharing Out in the Open Air {31 days}

So, how cool is this? I “met” Jennifer on Instagram through a mutual friend. She has a great blog called Our Life’s Happenings and she has jumped on the 31 Days in the Open Air bandwagon and is blogging about it! Isn’t that awesome? I’m super jealous of her pictures of Colorado– and they’ve already had snow! Go check her blog out right now.

We are prepping for an outdoor movie night this weekend, and Shawn and I have a slight difference of opinion about what food to serve. What do you think– whats the best thing to serve as an outdoor treat?

I completely failed at making apple crisp from the apples from our apple picking adventure last week. This seems outdoor-related somehow. Do you have a favorite crisp recipe I should try?

This is my favorite poem right now. I’ve officially discovered Mary Oliver.


3 thoughts on “Sharing Out in the Open Air {31 days}

  1. Nora, Ask mark vandelist for his moms recipe we had it on Friday with your parents and it was FANTASTIC better with ice cream i guess. (Since I do not eat ice cream I took everyone’s word for it) Outside food……s’mores does that qualify as food? Love you!



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