That “This Is Who I Am” Feeling {31 days}

fall leaves

I read a blog post recently about getting lost in foreign cities. The writer described the experience of exploring unknown streets as helping her recognize who she was; that she was alive and part of something bigger. When I read this I said “yes, exactly”. I know that feeling. I’ve wandered around my fair share of foreign cities, but I’ve had my most “This Is Who I Am” moments in the great outdoors.

Sometimes it’s all about perspective. This world is so vast and grand and extraordinary and I am so itty-bitty. Sometimes it’s the rush of endorphins I get when I am starting a new adventure. Where will this trail lead me to today? Sometimes it’s another person literally speaking into my life as we walk alongside each other on the trail. And sometimes it is a presiding sense of peace that seems elusive in everyday life, but seems to waiting around each bend in the river and atop every lookout point.

It’s this feeling that drives me outside everyday, that pushes me to seek new adventures on the weekends. Not just to be healthy, or to have something to blog about, or to exercise my dog (although those are all large supporting factors). I get out in the open air to know “This Is Who I Am.”


One thought on “That “This Is Who I Am” Feeling {31 days}

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