A Trip to the Apple Orchard {31 days}

apple picking 4

Nothing says fall more than a trip to the apple orchard. We piled the girls from the youth center into our cars last week and headed to one of our local orchards. (One of my favorite parts of living in Pennsylvania– these orchards are plentiful!) It was a dreary weekday afternoon, so we had the place to ourselves. Which was a good thing, since our girls ran around like five year olds, screamed at bugs, and tried–unsuccessfully– to climb the apple trees.

apple picking 2

We chomped on apples as we went row to row, trying to find just the right apples to stuff into our 1/2 bushel plastic bags. Once we could no longer carry our bags, we loaded them into the car and stopped at the market for my very favorite part of apple picking: eating apple cider donuts. (Not pictured, because we ate them too quickly.)

apple picking

I brought two dozen apples home, because I promised the girls that I would make apple crisp. And caramel apples. And cinnamon sugar apples. And applesauce. Basically, we have all of our youth center activities planned for the next few weeks.

apple picking 3


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