Out on the Ropes Course {31 days}

ropes course

I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to work outside. I am especially thankful when those work days aren’t also rainy days.

I work part-time as a challenge course facilitator, which means that this past Saturday I met a bunch of middle school kids at 9:00 AM and spent the rest of the day in the woods, learning about teamwork, leadership, and trust. The morning is typically spent doing initiatives and activities on the low ropes course. We played getting to know you games, did activities that made us communicate, made us frustrated, and sometimes made us ask for help (kind of like in real life, right?). In the afternoon, we hit the high ropes course and the zipline. These elements are 30 or 40 feet off the ground and require you to traverse through mid-air on one tiny cable. You are clipped in, of course, to a harness and a rope and a belayer (me). If done correctly, its very, very safe. And a lot of fun.

Days like these are sporadic for me because of my other permanent job. But I’m always thrilled to combine my favorite things: the great outdoors, working with youth, and helping them conquer their fears and develop as leaders. And I learn something new every time.

Have you ever worked at or participated on a ropes course? Tell me about it!


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