Top 3 Reasons We Love Walking in the Rain {31 days}

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We love walking in the rain.

(And Singing In The Rain. But that’s another post for another time).

Let me tell you why.

1. We love raincoats. Shawn has more raincoats than anyone I’ve ever met. He wear his even when its not raining. And I have a favorite raincoat from REI that I have had for years and plan to wear until it literally falls apart. I figure, if we make it a habit to go for walks in the rain, then we can justify purchasing some great coats!

2. We love having trails and parks to ourselves. This probably goes without saying, but most people don’t spend lots of time outside in the rain. But since we like it, we save the most popular/busiest parks for days with inclement weather, and we usually have the place to ourselves.

3. We love any excuse to drink hot chocolate. Or tea, or chai lattes. You really need a delicious, sugary hot beverage after a walk in the rain. You deserve one.

Do you venture out in the rain? What do you love about rainy days?


One thought on “Top 3 Reasons We Love Walking in the Rain {31 days}

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