Lola the Caterpillar {31 days}

photo (83)A few of our students brought Lola into our youth center yesterday.

(And connecting teens with nature is just that easy, folks!)

We promptly emptied out a pretzel container, poked some holes in the lid, threw in some leaves, and made her our pet. Some kids thought she was awesome, and some squealed and said she was gross. A few boys bet each other to eat her, to which we said no, thank you. It was the perfect “teachable moment” to talk about science (What kind of caterpillar is this? What do caterpillars eat? Where do they live?) and we took full advantage of it. It was also the perfect moment to re-watch this scene from A Bug’s Life:

Based on some grueling internet research, we decided that Lola is a polyphemus moth catepillar, and will probably look like this when she grows up:

Freaky, right? (No caterpillars were harmed in this blog post. Lola was set free a few hours after we brought her in).

Helping our students experience the great outdoors is one of my favorite things. How do you encourage young people to get outside?


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