31 Days of Being Out in the Open Air

31 days out in the open air 3

31 days straight, in a row, consecutively, of blogging.

Here’s what I’m thinking: I like blogging. I want to get better at it, and forcing myself to do it for 31 days straight seems like a good way to accomplish this goal. Also, I like being outside. I think that good stuff happens when you venture outdoors. You don’t have to a climb a mountain to experience the magic of this wild world (although that would certainly be magical); that same beautiful world exists for us when we walk around our neighborhood at dusk or drink our coffee in the backyard. Alone or with friends or with your dog, there is something to learn and experience and be blessed by as we step out our front door and into the open air.

Therefore: I am going to blog for 31 days about all the good things that happen when you go outside into the open air.

I hope it’s awesome. I’ll be posting a link to each blog post here, so please check back and follow along with the adventure!

Day 1 in the Open Air: A Confession

Day 2: Down to the River

Day 3: Tales of a City Girl in a Rural Garden

Day 4: Lola the Caterpillar

Day 5: Technology Can Help You Get Outside

Day 6: “The best remedy for those who are afraid…”

Day 7: Outdoors at a House Tour

Day 8: On Living in the County

Day 9: Nature Through A Child’s Eyes

Day 10: Out in the Open Air in Your Fancy Pants

Day 11: Top 3 Reasons We Love Walking in the Rain

Day 12: Next Best Thing: Reading

Day 13: “The secret powers of nature…”

Day 14: Out on the Ropes Course

Day 15: Half-Way Through 31 Days of Blogging

Day 16: Walking the Dog At Night

Day 17: Pumpkins, Sharp Knives, and Good Talks

Day 18: Pumpkins, Revisited

Day 19: A Walk in the Autumn Air

Day 20: “Some people, in order to discover God…”

Day 21: A Trip to the Apple Orchard

Day 22: That “This Is Who I Am” Feeling

Day 23: Sharing Out in the Open Air

Day 24: Debriefing the Challenge Course: Fear

Day 25: Fall Foliage Report

Day 26: “I account it high time to get to the sea…”

P.S. Check out this awesome button I made! I am too legit to quit.

31 days button out in the open air

I’m linking up The Nester for her 31 Days 2013 Series! Along with 1,200 other bloggers… Go check ’em out!


2 thoughts on “31 Days of Being Out in the Open Air

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