5k Recap as a Race Director!

photo (79)

We did it! Our youth center organized their inaugural 5k Trail Run at a local park this weekend, and it ROCKED. If I may say so myself. We had over 150 participants, which is quite a feat for our small country town. It didn’t pour rain, no one got lost, and no one died. Success!

This was the first race our organization has ever done, and it was the first race I have ever directed myself. I begged local businesses for sponsorships, ordered way more T-shirts than necessary, and overall had a great-while-slightly-stressful time.

Next year, I will start earlier. I will ask for donations earlier, ask for runners earlier, and order T-shirts earlier. I will also maybe not move so many tables all by myself. My back is still sore.

It seems that everyone is doing a 5k fundraiser these days, and I can see why– they are fun events and runners are a great and supportive group of people. And once you’ve got the logistics figured out, it can only get better! I can’t wait to do this next year.


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