Two Green Kayaks Turns One!

And then I blogged for a year.

Crazy, right? I started this little blog after my trip home to Minnesota last year, thinking it sounded like fun, and that it might encourage me to be a little adventurous. I am getting ready for my trip to Minnesota this next week, I have had a lot of fun, and I have been more than a little adventurous. I’ve inadvertently been able to keep up with my aunt Kim, Shawn’s grandma Nancy, and my great aunt Ada. Actually, I’ve kind of loved writing a blog. I think I will keep doing it.

Here are some of your favorite posts from the past year:

My First 13.1: The Disney Princess Half Marathon

A Love/Hate Rant on YOLO

Last Weekend’s Adventure: Hanging Out With My Mom

A Day in The Life

Mowgli Goes Camping

I am excited to see what this next year of fun and adventure will bring! Thank you for joining me!


3 thoughts on “Two Green Kayaks Turns One!

  1. please do i love reading about your adventures and it keeps me closer to you even though we are miles apart! love you kim

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  2. My favorites, of course, are “Mowgli goes camping” and “Hanging out with my Mom.” Hurry home to Minnesota, and we’ll go to the fair!

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