Kelly’s Run Trails {Pennsylvania}

kelly's run trail susquehanna

Our quest to hike the Susquehanna Super Hike course before September 7th brought us to Kelly’s Run Trail this past weekend. This trail follows a creek down to the Susquehanna River, and climbs out of the valley to the well-known and oft-visited Pinnacle Overlook. (The Pinnacle is an excellent spot to get engaged… or so I’ve heard).

kelly's run trail

It was a little hilly. And, just like every other hike we’ve done on this super hike course, we got lost. We somehow ended up back at Holtwood Park, where we left our car, instead of the Pinnacle. We followed blue trail blazes instead of orange. We missed the turn, and it was probably because we were looking at the ground– the trail was very rocky. We crossed the creek several times and had to constantly watch our footing. Mowgli, who has been hiking with me all summer, tore his little paw and split his nail at some point along the trail. Poor guy.

photo (64)

The trail itself was beautiful. It’s only three miles from the parking lot to the Pinnacle (if you don’t get lost), so it would make a great little day hike. I will certainly go back when I don’t have to worry about my mileage and pace.


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