susquehanna super hike course

The Super Hike will have 6300 feet of elevation gain. It’s not straight up, mind you– it’s up and down and up and down and up and up and back down.

We hiked another new portion of the course this weekend, and every time we do, I think “Oh, this must be the worst part.” And since I have said that about 3/4 of the course, it would only make sense that my friend Howie would text me the next day and say “I hiked the last 1/4 and it was THE WORST PART.”

Why did I decide to do this again?

Here are the elevation charts, so you can see for yourself. Note that the first half of the course (the top chart) actually climbs to a higher elevation more gradually, whereas the second half of the course (the bottom chart) goes up and down and up and down, but to a slightly lower elevation.

This is going to be tough, guys.





2 thoughts on “OH THE HILLS.

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