An Amateur Tries Stand Up Paddleboarding

stand up paddleboarding

Shawn and I took a last-minute mini vacation last week down to a resort on the Chesapeake Bay. Thank you, Travelzoo! We needed a relaxing break in the middle of our crazy summer, and I can only hope that those 48 hours of vacation can last us the next month until our trip to Minnesota.

This turned out to be the perfect opportunity to try something that we have been eyeing up for years: Stand Up Paddleboarding! The resort rented these paddleboards by the hour, so we when we woke up on our last day there, we grabbed breakfast and headed to the water.

The water, so you know, had stinging jellyfish in it. And possibly a shark; we’ll never know for sure. What I’m trying to tell you is: it wasn’t really swimming water. Which means we weren’t interested in attempting anything that might lead to swimming.

photo (59)

We paddled around the harbor for an hour, briefly attempting a trip out into the open water, but quickly deciding we like standing better than swimming and made our way back to calmer waters.

I imagined myself to be like Pocahontas, floating serenely along the wild shores of the Chesapeake Bay. In reality, I squatted with my bum out to keep my balance, and my feet starting cramping right away, so I swayed from side to side kicking them in the air like I was trying to kick off a loose shoe. It was a pretty picture. (Shawn probably did not picture himself as Pocahontas, but he was much more serene). And the teenage girl that equipped us with life vests and paddles told us to just “switch our paddle from side to side” to go in a straight direction. Which meant that we zigzagged across the water incredibly slowly. (I don’t think those instructions are accurate. Someone once told me that its more like steering a canoe… J-stroke, C-stroke, etc. That makes more sense, right?).

We liked it well enough, and we would love to try it again in a place where we weren’t quite so nervous about falling in. It did make me think twice about people that do yoga on paddleboards… And SUPing with a dog? Mowgli would probably love it. And he would probably jump off three seconds later.

photo (58)


2 thoughts on “An Amateur Tries Stand Up Paddleboarding

  1. Haha, awesome! For Christmas I bought my husband a gift card for a SUP day trip on the river. We haven’t cashed in yet, but I am excited and nervous! Also, we were on the Chesapeake Bay a few weekends ago and saw a TON of dolphins, so I would bet there are some sharks in that water too…

    • Oh I wish we had seen dolphins! I’ll make sure to keep my eyes open next time. Let me know how you guys like SUP…. I think if I got a little more comfortable on it, it would be really fun!

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