Fridays are for zucchini butter and small apartments.

photo (57)

Fridays are for…

Zucchini Butter. I mean seriously, have you guys ever heard of this?I haven’t, until I heard of this week, and I think I’ve seen it mentioned somewhere every day since. I need to try it.

Blueberry Crisp. Shauna says you will want to eat this for every meal, which I doubted… but totally turned out to be true. And I am ready to run back to the market for more blueberries.

Small Apartments. We signed the lease for our new apartment this week, and… it’s a studio. It’s big for a studio, mind you, but still. This article appeared on Simple Mom the same day, and it was exactly the encouragement– or at least the “you’re not completely insane”– that I needed.

Birthday Present Hints. And by hints, I mean that I texted Shawn a picture of the Jawbone UP bracelet and told him that I wanted it for my birthday. And now I’ve “hinted” it on the internet! So much for subtlety.

Happy Friday to you and yours!


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