Hello, August.

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Hello, August.

Let me be straight with you from the get go: I have high hopes for you. I had high hopes for this summer, but all-in-all, its kinda been a let down. Blame it on the apartment fire, or taking the pup to the animal hospital, or not being able to find a place to live. Blame it on the pouring rain and blistering heat. Truth be told, I could have skipped right over June and July.

But you, August. You’re my favorite. My birthday month, my month to visit Minnesota, the month where all the pretenses of having a “productive summer” fall by the wayside as we devote every waking hour to soak up every. last. bit. of sunshine before September first.

I am starting a new summer right now, a clean slate, and I know you won’t let me down.

I am ready to swim and run and play. I am ready to soak my feet in the river, and drink coffee on the front porch, and read good fiction in the backyard. I am ready to cook on the grill and eat vegetables and watch the fireflies come out of the woods at dusk. I’m sorry for wishing this summer away, for my bad attitude, and I am ready to fall back in love with you, August. 

Now, please stop raining so I can let the dog out.

Yours truly.


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