Confession: I am behind on my summer reading.

photo (56)When it comes to reading this summer, my eyes have been bigger than my…. stomach. My reading stomach. You know what I mean.

These are all the books in my “to read” pile. Which is surprisingly larger than my “read” pile. I always seem to cruise through books in the summer, and I also seem to dig into books when life gets stressful; and this summer has been stressful (Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy describes reading as her “introvert coping mechanism of choice”, and I couldn’t agree more). This year, however, I seem to be adding them to my list faster than I am completing them. Of the ones above, I have currently started four. On principal, I do not believe in starting a second book before you have finished your first.  I also believe that summer is for fiction. And that you shouldn’t spend money on new books until you have finished your current to-read list. But I have broken all of these rules over the past few months. I am rebelling against my old ways… But that could be for the better, right?

Do you read multiple books at a time, or start and finish one before moving to the next? Is your “to-read” pile always bigger than your “finished” pile?


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