Urey Overlook {Pennsylvania}

Wondering what I did this weekend? I hiked by a creek! Again!

Otter Creek Susquehanna

Hiking has become my standard Saturday activity this summer, thanks to the Susquehanna Super Hike and dire need to build those leg muscles. This weekend, we hiked the first 10 miles of the Super Hike, beginning at Otter Creek Campground and hiking a loop to Urey Overlook. We got lost a few times, so we’re not sure if we actually did the route of the Super Hike, but we did hike along our favorite trail– you guessed it– The Mason Dixon! I should write a love [slash hate] poem to those good ol’ blue blazes.

susquehanna river urey overlook

This is my recap of our hike: It was really hilly and there were many, many spider webs. When I wasn’t pulling cobwebs out of my eyes or staring at my shoes hyperventilating, I did catch a glimpse of some beautiful scenery along Otter Creek. It was gorgeous.

photo (54)

I still only put in about 30 miles last week total. I think I need to start putting in some longer Saturday hikes if I have a hope of completing 30 miles in 12 hours. But I say that every Monday.

And no blog post if complete without the obligatory picture of Mowgli in the water:

photo (55)


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