A Blistered Kind of Love {Tented Books}


When I started reading A Blistered Kind of Love by Angela Ballard and Duffy Ballard, I thought to myself: How many books can I read about thru-hiking a trail? It’s probably the same stories right? A near-bear attack, that one time they ran out of water, how much their bodies hurt, that wacky person that did something nice for them. But as I followed Angela and Duffy on to the trail, I was hooked yet again.

This one might be my favorite. I read Wild by Cheryl Strayed first, and of course it blew me away. And then I read A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson and I loved learning so much about the Appalachian trail, thru-hiking, and his crazy friend. This was a little less dramatic than Wild, and a little less encyclopedia-esque than A Walk in the Woods. It was such a good story. A love story. A backpacking, wildernessy, adventurous love story. (Spoiler Alert: They make it. Which you can guess based on the fact that they wrote a book about it.)

The plot lines of all these adventure books are similar. Because they’re doing the same thing. So it’s understandably predictable. But each story had its own unique ups and downs and its own personal perspective. Which is what makes adventure writing so fun to read, right?

I have sort of lost track of my adventure book list, so I don’t know what should be next.

What are your favorite adventure reads?


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