Scenes From Our July 4th Weekend

We have a great, busy, stressful, fun, relaxing July 4th weekend.

photo (23)We spent July 4th in Pittsburgh, cheering on the Phillies as they beat the Pirates. America’s favorite pastime on America’s birthday. We ate pulled pork-potato perogie-pretzel roll sandwichs that endeared us to Pittsburgh forever.

photo (25)Friday and Saturday were spent packing and moving out of our first-as-a-married-couple apartment. We spent our first Christmas here, brought our puppy home here, and made our first joint-furniture-purchases here. We couldn’t send too much time getting nostalgic, however, because the AC didn’t work and it was 95 degrees both days!

photo (24)We were so thankful for the friends that helped us move. Emma is pretending to take a nap on our mattress, but every time I see this now, I think she looks like Jesus. We were surprised that all our earthly possessions could fit in this one trailer!

photo (26)Did I mention it was 95 degrees this weekend? We spent some quality time in the pool.

photo (28)We did manage to hit the trail, although it was nowhere near the mileage I’m supposed to get for my Super Hike training. We walked the first mile in the creek and it was awesome.

photo (27)This is what hiking in the country looks like.

It was a busy and beautiful weekend. Monday here we come!


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