Fridays are for learning what the internet is.

I finally took the plunge and purchased the “custom design” feature on WordPress. Which, among other things, means I change the “CSS” on my blog. I put that in quotes because I have no idea what that is.

I took WordPress’ recommended CSS Beginners Tutorial, but I think they forgot to translate into English. Or at least into a language that those of us who are computer-illiterate can understand.

My friends Kaitlin and Paul recommended that I take an HTML class first. This, they said, is more along the lines of “What Is The Internet?”, which I think is where I need to start. They recommended either Lynda or Code Academy.

But here’s my question. Is it worth it? How much control do you have over the design of your blog? Do you wish you had more? Less? 

I think I will try to tackle this over the weekend. Until I get so frustrated that I push my computer off the table. Or cry. Or call my dad and ask him to explain it to me. Come to think of it, maybe I should start by calling him first.


2 thoughts on “Fridays are for learning what the internet is.

  1. Hi Nora!
    Well, I’m happy I recently sprung upon your blog just a few days ago, and while normally my comments have to do with the outdoors, I’ll shoot you a quick note about wordpress design.
    First of all, I already actually love how your blog looks. It’s so simple and clean.
    But second, I’m actually a webdesigner with wordpress half the time and the biggest thing I do is use themes and then tweak the hell out of them with CSS. If you go to w3schools website you can learn a lot. Use Google Developer Tools or Firebug if you use Firefox to play around with the CSS live without changing your site. That’s how I taught myself nearly everything.
    If you have any questions, I’d honestly be happy to guide you. I love when people decide to DIY stuff and sometimes a little hump happens that seems way bigger than it is!
    good luck! I use themes from ThemeForest btw and highly recommend it.
    – Lauren 🙂 (@outdoor_mined)

    • Lauren, thank you! This is really helpful. I was really nervous to start making changes that would effect my actual blog… And then totally destroy it by doing it wrong. So this will be great. Thanks again!

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