Running in New Places

photo (16)

As you’ve probably heard by now, we are living as displaced people this week. Our apartment isn’t up and running yet, so we’ve been staying with Shawn’s family. Which means, among other things, that I have been running in new places.

Running in new places is hard. For me, at least. There have been some benefits: Shawn’s sister has a treadmill in their basement that has loud speakers! Which means no headphones! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to music while I ran (although I’m not sure how much my in-laws enjoyed the uncensored version of “I Don’t Care! I Love It!” blaring through their house first thing in the morning). I was hoping this new awesome music option would propel me through my workout…. But treadmill runs are always tough, right? My three miles seemed to last forever, even though my pace was similar to what I normally run outdoors.

I also visited their local county park. Pro: I didn’t know where I was going, so it was an adventure! Con: I didn’t know where I was going, so I ran up and down some major hills. And by ran, I mostly mean walk. It was rough. I blame the hills. And the heat. And my own weakness. As always, we ran by a stream, so Mowgli loved it. Nevermind the four ticks we pulled off him when we got home last night.

photo (17)

Truth be told, as

Do you prefer to run in new places or stick to your favorites?


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