Fridays are for… um.. What day is it?

We’ve had a bit of a hectic week.

photo (8)

When Shawn came home Wednesday afternoon, he noticed our apartment smelled like smoke. And was slowly filling with smoke. And when he walked out onto our deck, he noticed this vent on fire above our sliding glass door. So, naturally, he called the fire department.

After what seemed like forever, the fire marshall decided that our dryer vent had clogged and caught on fire. We hadn’t been running the dryer, so I’m not entirely sure what ignited it. Thankfully, we are ok, Mowgli is ok, and all of our stuff is ok. But our apartment is a bit of a mess and we are staying with my in-laws until we get the word from our leasing office that we can move back in. They don’t know yet when that will be, so neither do we.

photo (7)

We had been planning on camping this weekend, and if I can get back into our apartment today to get our gear, that will still be our plan! Wish us luck!

I hope your weekend is fun and apartment-fire-free!


3 thoughts on “Fridays are for… um.. What day is it?

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