I’m Organizing a 5k!

photo (6)

The community center I work for is organizing an Inaugural 5k Trail Run to benefit the students we work with! It’s been quite the learning process– participating in a 5k is certainly different than organizing one. But even though we are in the middle of the tedious work aspects, I am still excited! Which I am going to take as a good sign. We have picked a location (a new park in our town with paved trails, gravel walkways, and dirt paths), gotten approval from the township, and hired a race coordinator. Currently, we are looking for sponsors and starting to advertise for runners. And soon, we’ll be ordering T-Shirts and designating volunteers and all of the little details that need to be taken care of at the last minute. When the task list seems a little overwhelming (our race coordinator sent me this list from USA Track and Field… calling it “all inclusive” is an understatement), I remind myself of how FUN these events can be, and what a great opportunity this will be to engage our kids, their families, our community partners, and anyone else that likes to run in support for a great cause!

So now, as always, I’m looking for advice.

Have you ever organized a 5k? Or run in one? What advice would you give?


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