How Exactly Does One Train for a Super Hike?

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As soon as I registered for the Susquehanna Super Hike, I asked myself: How exactly am I supposed to train for this?

When I signed up to the Princess Half Marathon in Disney World, they provided you with a recommended training plan. And when I decided to switch plans, I was just a quick google search away from hundreds of others. But 29.6 miles is kind of an obscure number, and the idea of a “super hike” isn’t as ubiquitous as I thought it would be. Which means that my google search for “how to train for a super hike” turned up nothing.

The closest normal race to 29.6 miles is, of course, the marathon at 26.2. And marathon training plans are everywhere. I like this one from Pop Sugar fitness the best, I think. Now, I am not training for a marathon, and I don’t plan on turning this Super Hike into an ultra trail run. But what if I put in the same amount of marathon miles, but by hiking instead of running? That’s not insane, right?

Based on the Pop Sugar plan, last week should have been Week 6. Between running and hiking, I did 21 miles of the 22 on the schedule. Not too shabby, right? This week jumps up to 25 miles… We’ll see. It’s a little daunting, but it feels good to have a goal again!

What motivates you? Do you need a training goal to stay motivated?


One thought on “How Exactly Does One Train for a Super Hike?

  1. Hi. I just stumbled on your site. I’m thinking of doing the Super Hike this year. Did you feel that your marathon-esque training schedule served you well? Anything you would have done differently?

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