My 6am-No-Coffee Muddled Yoga Intention

I set my alarm for 5:20 this morning. When I hit the snooze button, I saw with relief that the sun had indeed risen again today and grey light was crawling up the walls of my bedroom. If the sun is up, I thought, I can get up too.

I had been meaning to take this class for years, really. Ever since I worked the opening shift and saw the yogis filing out after their last Om, sweaty and exhilarated, ready to face their day with their muscles relaxed and that universal sound of peace still ringing in their ears.

The teacher gave a little devotional before we started, but I don’t remember most of it. Make choices that are good for you right now. That’s what I remember. The class was full, and as we all sat with our hands at heart center, you could smell sweat and cleaning products and anticipation. I set a 6am-no-coffee muddled intention about taking this class every day for the rest of my life, and then we moved into our first down dog.

As we settled into each pose during our practice, as our muscles warmed up and our faces reddened and sweat started dripping from our noses, the teacher would remind us: Choose the posture that is good for you right now.

I hate plank pose. Nothing makes me feel weaker, or less patient, or less balanced. I kept my knees up, though, and held it firm, because I know that I can do plank pose. Some days I choose not to, but I know that I can. Choose the posture that is good for you right now.

I hate side plank pose. My poor arm shakes and wobbles like it is the last leaf on a limb in an autumn storm. I was facing a wall of windows, and I watched everyone else watch me. I put my knee down for more support. Choose the posture that is good for you right now.

I walked outside, the cool air hit my collar bone. The humidity of the last few days has finally disappeared. I am proud of myself for having started my day early, and for having my work out done for the day. I’ll be so productive! I thought. Let’s get to work on that to-do list! I thought.

I sat down on my bed with my computer, to check email and ease into my day. The sunlight was streaming, full of summer brilliance, through my shades. The dog was sleeping, finally, next to me. I shut my computer and slowly inched down onto my pillow. Maybe I should just close my eyes for a few minutes, I thought. Choose the posture that is good for you right now.

Linking up with Heather at The Extraordinary Ordinary today. Thankfully, Just Write was today. Otherwise, I might have just kept napping!

3 thoughts on “My 6am-No-Coffee Muddled Yoga Intention

  1. Hi, I found you via Just Write. I have never taken a yoga class, but I used to watch everyone leaving class while I walked my dogs. Maybe one day, I’d think. That’s just me pretending that I’ll do it. And, honestly, I could never set my alarm for 5:20 to make it happen 🙂

    Love your picture in the outhouse! Very funny!

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