Fridays are for dog ice cream.

dog ice cream

Fridays are for…

… Dog Ice Cream. I didn’t know this existed! Our friends are moving to New Zealand in a few weeks and have to part with their dog, so they threw a Dog-Going-Away party of sorts– mostly to appease their kids, I think. Regardless, it was a good excuse to get together, and they served these dog ice cream treats! Mowgli had two.

… Strawberry and Cream Bars. The aforementioned party also served people food, with these bars for dessert. They were delicious, and I already want more. So I might make them myself this weekend.

… Long Distance Book Club. My friend Kaitlin and I decided to start a long distance book club this summer, and I just got my next book from her in the mail this week! Which is perfect, since I finally finished two books I had been working on last weekend. Last night I started Sea Glass by Anita Shreve, and I plan on spending some quality time with it this weekend.

… National Trails Day! Saturday, June 1st is National Trails Day! We don’t have firm plans for tomorrow (for the first time since April), but I think we can manage a hike at one of our favorite local spots.

Have an awesome weekend!


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