Badlands National Park [South Dakota]


We drove through Badlands National Park on our last day in South Dakota. Nothing I can write about them can really compete with these pictures, right?


My brief thoughts:


1. This is an incredible place.


2. They have an “open hiking policy”. Meaning that, as long as your car is legally parked, you can hike ANYWHERE. Not very many places offer that anymore!


3. Perhaps related to the aforementioned policy, there aren’t a lot of official trails. We hiked a short one that was labeled “moderate-strenuous”, we think due to the log ladder and the “dangerous cliff”. But a group in front of us was hiking with small children, so it couldn’t have been that strenuous.


4. This place is incredible. Seriously. You need to go there.


If you haven’t guessed yet by the pictures, it was a pretty awesome trip. You can check out Parts 1 and 2 of our South Dakota adventures here: Hiking Bear Butte and Scenic Drive: Wind Cave National Park and Needles Highway.


2 thoughts on “Badlands National Park [South Dakota]

  1. When I passed through, briefly, I thought the Badlands were the best part of South Dakota by far. (Wall Drug was a disappointment after 4,000 miles of signs on the side of the road.)

    • Agreed– about both the Badlands and Wall Drug. I think I could spend DAYS in the Badlands, and I was ready to get out of Wall Drug after 10 minutes!

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