Scenic Drive: Wind Cave National Park & Needles Highway

I had forgotten how much there is to see in South Dakota. As a kid, we drove to a lot of our vacations. We would load our car with suitcases and pillows and stuff for sandwiches and hit the road. We would stop for ice cream… often… and I would read in the backseat until it was too dark for my eyes to make out the words on the page. And I looked out the window. I saw a lot of America out of that back window. This past weekend, I noticed that some things never change. I ate ice cream, I read in the backseat, and I saw some amazing things out my back window. But this time, I didn’t have to argue with my brother about who had more space.

We drove through Wind Cave National Park. Some of my family members went down into the cave on the official tour. I vaguely remember doing that same tour when I was there as a child. This trip, I didn’t see the cave– but I did see a lot of buffalo. And antelope. And prairie dogs (who have the plague! who knew??). And deer.

buffalo south dakota


And we drove along the Needles Highway in Custer State Park. Having grown up in the Midwest, it kind of blows my mind that these exist here. You’re driving along flat corn fields, for miles and miles and miles, and then suddenly: granite peaks! Amazing. Someone was getting married at one of the lakes– talk about a scenic place for a wedding!



IMG_2920I went a little crazy taking pictures with my iPhone on our trip. Check out yesterday’s post about hiking Bear Butte State Park and come back tomorrow for Badlands National Park!


5 thoughts on “Scenic Drive: Wind Cave National Park & Needles Highway

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    • I think people do! I’m not much of a climber, so I didn’t look into it, but it I remember seeing info about climbing at the visitors center.

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