The Kennett Run 5k!


The Kennett Run in Kennett Square, PA is one of the better known races in our small little area of the country. The proceeds go to the Kennett Run Foundation, which pours the money back into local community organizations– like the non-profit youth center I work for. My boss and I signed up to run the 5k, and we brought some of our students along!

When the boys informed me of their times from last year– around 20 minutes– I knew that I would be the slow poke. They didn’t even line up with us at the start line. I forgot to use my RunKeeper app, and there weren’t any split clocks along the way, so I had no idea how I was doing. Which meant I could just focus on the run, which I enjoyed. And I could focus on the hills, which I did not enjoy. (Although when I complained about it later, my fellow runners were like “Hills? What hills?”. But I still think it was hilly. Oh well.)


A quarter-mile from the finish, I passed two of our students who were walking. I started to make some comment about beating them and bragging about it, and they immediately took off towards the finish line, leaving me in their dust.

I came in at 34:12, and I felt like I had run well. And there were donuts at the finish line, which will make anyone happy.

I entertained myself during the race by contemplating what my next race will be… I need something to keep me motivated/look forward to! But I keep saying that and not actually signing up for anything. So…. we’ll leave it at that.


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