Last Weekend’s Adventure: Hanging Out With My Mom.

My mom came to visit last weekend, just in time for Mother’s Day. We visited our favorite local restaurants, went to Longwood Gardens, watched The Hobbit, and did a little shopping. Ok, ok– did a lot of shopping. And as a bonus: the weather was gorgeous. Although it’s not hard to beat Minnesota, where it snows in May.

longwood gardens

We did do a little relaxing, and we made time each day to enjoy our favorite beverages. We sat in coffee shops and cafes and on our balcony. We had iced praline lattes and elderberry spritzers and mocha frappuccinos. But of course, nothing compares to a nice, cold Dr. Pepper.

mom beverages

And we hung out with Mowgli. We took him to the dog park and took him on car rides. We played tug-of-war with him and fed him bacon scraps. He was in love.

mom mowgli

We also planned our next trip to South Dakota in a few weeks; my parents are meeting my mom’s sisters there, and I am flying in for the weekend! I can’t wait!



3 thoughts on “Last Weekend’s Adventure: Hanging Out With My Mom.

  1. so great that your mom visited sounds like you had a great time. lisa mark scott and i sent flowers to mom they arrived dead – nothing says happy moms day like dead flowers! she did get a new batch delivered that were alive a few days later. have a great time in SD love kim

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