Scenes From a Family Walk

I declare a Family Walk.

Let’s take this next hour, before you run off to do that, and I start doing this, and go on a walk.


Let’s take that trail we haven’t been down since last spring.


Let’s bushwhack to a quiet spot on the river and let the dog off the leash.


Let’s throw a stick again and again and pretend to be upset when the dog gets us wet.


Let’s talk about whatever we want.


Let’s get a little sunshine, a little wind-swept, a little sweaty.

Let’s go for a walk.

Linking up with Ashleigh today to share simple stories. Happy Saturday to you and yours!

2 thoughts on “Scenes From a Family Walk

    • Warm weather is key! I think nature walks are the perfect blend of exercise, education, and some fun. I hope you are able to get out soon and enjoy it!

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