Fridays are for everything I read on the internet.


I loved everything I read on the internet this week. Well, maybe not everything. But many things. Here are some of my faves.

I have long loved the Deeper Story blog and its bloggers. And Jen Hatmaker is quickly making her way up my list of favorite writers. So its no surprise that I loved this: Wherever It Rises.

Two different blogs I follow wrote about getting back to the blogging basics this week: Ashleigh Baker and Heidi at Banana Buzzbomb. I love reading posts about blogging. But I then I think: I am still learning how to blog in the first place. But hopefully these posts still steer me in the right direction as I go along.

Cook Dinner, Save the World. From the always entertaining Dinner: A Love Story. I made bread last weekend, and I thought about this quote. I’m declaring my independence!

And then, of course, Jimmy Fallon and John Krasinski had a lip sync-off.

My mom is here this weekend, so I will be drinking lots of Dr. Pepper, eating Mexican food, and watching musicals. Can’t wait! Hope your weekend is wonderful.


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