Fridays are for white lilacs.


Fridays are for…

… Outdoor Blogging Prompts. I love this post from Walk Simply. I’m not sure how recent it is, but I think I will bookmark it and refer back to it when I need some inspiration!

… Gluten-Free Bread. We’re still on our gluten-free kick from our Whole30. A friend recommended this bread recipe from I think we’ll try it.

… Social Networks for Dogs. Yes, I do need another place online to brag and/or complain about Mowgli. And this just might be the place:

… Meditations. I’ve been reading through Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth this week, and I read this paragraph over and over again. Enjoy.

“Of this I am certain: something happens every time I stop fighting with the way things are… I don’t know what to call this turn of events or the freshness that follows it, but I know what it feels like: it feels like relief. It feels like infinite goodness. Like a distillation of a very sweet fragrance, every heartstopping beauty, every haunting melody you’ve ever heard. It feels like the essence of tenderness, compassion, joy, peace. Like love itself. And in the moment you feel it you recognize that you are it and that you’ve been here all along, waiting for your return.”

Happy Weekend!

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