We Are Vacation People.


Over pizza and wine this past weekend, some friends and I started discussing vacations. The conversation centered around the importance of having a get-away with your spouse, and how to plan said get-aways, and what a challenge that can be. Someone offered the advice that if your spouse doesn’t express interest in a vacation, you just need to plan it anyways. And they will be grateful that you did. Which I totally agree is great advice.

But it made me realize something.

We are vacation people. Shawn and I met on a volunteer missions trip that went to six different countries in 12 weeks. When we dated long-distance, we would often meet on vacation; we would each fly to California, or the Bahamas, or Florida. We keep a running total of the states we have visited and the countries we’ve been to. (We would make it a competition, but Shawn went on a crazy European bus tour in college, and he would win. So we’ll just keep track). Since we’ve been married our budgets have gotten a little tighter, so we haven’t traveled internationally. But we have still managed to go to Florida, Bald Head Island, Washington DC, and Niagara Falls.

We plan our next vacation on the way home from our current vacation. It is a constant topic of conversation at our dinner table: Where should we go next? We are less Caribbean-cruise-and-cancun-people and more new-places-new-culture-new-adventure-people. Although I do want to go to Mexico and go on a cruise. I want to do it all.

China // Hawaii // Delaware

China // Hawaii // Delaware

Right now, we are trying to be responsible adults and not spend all of our income on vacations. We can’t do it all, not right now. But knowing us, we will still try to eek out a vacation soon. Because that’s what we do. We are vacation people.

Are you a vacation person?

Where should we go next?


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