From the Ropes Course: Change is Hard


I spent Saturday and Sunday right about here.

I have worked at various ropes courses sporadically over the past few years. I re-upped my training at two different courses this past weekend, which means that my muscles are tired and I have splinters in my hands and I remember now why I liked doing this work in the first place.

Challenge courses contain exactly what I love about adventure in one adrenaline-filled package. You are outside. You learn about yourself and others in real life. You find your own personal limits, and you learn what it feels like to pass them. And man oh man, do you have fun.

It’s been a few years since I have trained at either of these locations, and I was reminded each day: change is hard. Like any industry, the challenge course world is constantly growing and changing. The belay method I was originally taught four years ago, and then revised two years ago, is different than the one I was tested on this weekend. And making my hands follow my brain’s new instructions was literally, physically, hard. And thinking through why I had to change, and why I should, and whether or not I actually would, was even harder.

I might go back to Nora’s Belaying Method 2.0– by my reasoning, it is the simplest and the safest. But even if I do, its likely that at my next training I will be taught a new method. And I will have to change.

We started the Whole 30 Cleanse today, and it was a little rough. I burnt our supper and set off our smoke detector no less than three times. But the whole day was saved by this broccoli-game-changing recipe. I am so thankful for the things that help us get by. Change is hard.


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