Fridays are for the Dowager Countess.


Fridays are for…

… Maggie Smith, The Dowager Countess. As this article points out, Maggie Smith is really why we watch Downton Abbey, right? Especially after that last episode, she might be the only reason left…

… Running with Shelter Dogs. This might be the best idea I’ve heard all week. These volunteers from Austin, TX pick up dogs from local shelters and take them on their runs. I will have to look and see if there are any groups around here that do something similar.

… Connecting Instead of Comparing. You guys know I am a big Shauna Niequist fan. And this piece for Relevant Magazine confirms it: “Stop Instagramming Your Perfect Life”.

… More Books. I finished I Capture The Castle— which I loved. I hear they may have made it into a movie? I have just barely started A Blistered Kind of Love: One Couple’s Trial by Trail. I’m only 10 pages in, but I already like it. One of the kids at the community center yesterday convinced me to pick up The Glass Castle, which will be next in my queue.

I will be working all weekend… So please get outside and enjoy it on my behalf!


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