Remember when I used to write about running?

I feel like its been so long since I have written anything here about running! Here is a little update on what I’ve been doing since the half-marathon.

I got new running shoes. While I loved my Merrell Pace Gloves, I decided that I wanted something with a little more cushioning under my feet; I often run on trails, and the rocks can be a bit painful. I knew I wanted to stay with the Merrell brand (every shoe I have ever had has fit me perfectly!), so I took a step towards more conventional shoes with Merrell’s Bare Access Arc. I found the first edition at a Merrell Outlet store on sale. It’s taking a little longer to break them in than I had hoped, but so far I really like them!

My running routine has been all over the place. Apparently, having a schedule to follow while training for the marathon helped me stay consistent. Without one… I’ve been a bit sporadic. I have run in the mornings (my normal time), I have run after work, I have run at the crack of dawn… I claim that I am trying to create the best routine, but at this point, I just need to pick one.

I haven’t tried any more long runs. Am I supposed to? Have far, exactly, am I supposed to run now? Am I supposed to incorporate hills and sprints? I have no idea. I’ve been getting in 5-10 miles a week, which I think is enough to maintain my current fitness, but not increase my running abilities.

I’ve been dabbling in some different cross-training. During half-marathon training, I strictly ran and did yoga. Lately, I have been taking more classes at the gym. Body Combat has been a long-time fave, but I have also come around to Body Pump– although I’m pretty sure I pulled a side muscle last week and couldn’t lift my arm about my head for days. I even tried aerial yoga!

I haven’t committed to my next challenge. This is part of why I feel a little disjointed in my routine– I don’t exactly know what I am training for. I have a few races in mind for this spring, and perhaps a Super Hike in the fall… But I haven’t signed up for anything yet.

What motivates you to keep running after a big race?


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