Fridays are for sweet potatoes and the weary.



Fridays are for…

… Sweet Potatoes. I bought sweet potatoes for the first time ever this week. My first cooking attempt came from this recipe for honey roasted sweet potatoes, which turned out pretty good. This weekend, I want to attempt this sweet potato hash for breakfast. Wish me luck!

… Dyeing Eggs. Of course! We went a little crazy at the community center this week… We made eggs with faces, we dyed eggs in volcanoes, and we attempted melted crayon eggs— the last one didn’t turn out so well. I think we needed more crayon.

… New Books. I finally finished In Defense of Food, which I loved, but I needed something a little… lighter. I don’t remember how I Capture The Castle made it on to my reading list (because it’s apparently 60 years old), but I am glad it did!

… Looking Forward to Easter. I have had this hymn stuck in my head since last Sunday, ushering me through Holy Week to Easter morning. Come ye weary, heavy laden// Lost and ruined by the fall// If you tarry until you’re better// You will never come at all…

Happy Easter! He is risen indeed.


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