An Amateur Tries Aerial Yoga

I am an irregular yogi at best. Technically, I have been practicing yoga for years, but it tends to be in spurts; I will go twice a week for a few months, and then I might make it once or twice during the next few months. But once I’m there, I’m always glad I did it.

I usually take classes at the Y, where I have a free membership as a staff person. A few of my favorite instructors opened their own yoga studio nearby, and upon hearing that they offered “aerial yoga”, I knew I had to try it.

aerial yoga 1

Aerial yoga incorporates hammocks, or silks, into all yoga poses. This could be as simple as grasping the silk for balance as you lean to one side in crescent moon, or hanging upside down and doing a headstand while totally supported by the silk. It was as scary and fun as it sounds.

Fans of aerial yoga say that it promotes deeper stretches and takes pressure off your joints– because, oftentimes, the silk is holding most your weight, not you. Most of the time, like trying any new thing, I just felt awkward. So much of your yoga practice is spent learning your own body, and I felt like I was going to have to totally relearn my body in the context of the silk.

Your body also has to become accustomed to the pressure of the silk against your hips or your arms– I don’t have any bruises yet, although I was warned that I might. We spent a good amount of time upside down, which supposedly your body adjusts to the more you do it. We were warned that some people get very dizzy or even faint. Thankfully, we only experienced mini headaches on the way home.

aerial yoga 2

Sorry for the terrible iphone pictures… I never claimed this was a photo blog!

I know what you’re wondering– yes, you have shavasana in the silk. It’s like your in a little cocoon– its awesome.

Have you ever tried aerial yoga? What tips would you give to a beginner?


3 thoughts on “An Amateur Tries Aerial Yoga

  1. I’ve done aerial yoga a couple times, but never used one of those silk “hammies.” I was posing jet pack-style, ya know? Just hoverin’. I should try using one of those next time though, it’d probably be a lot easier/less awesome

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