Fridays are for s’more waffle cones.

… Puppies Climbing Down Stairs. My friend MarthaJoy told me about this video… And it’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

… S’more Waffle Cones. We are having a bonfire at the community center tonight, and we are planning on making these. Amazing, right?

… Exercising When You Don’t Want To. Apparently, even if you feel guilted into working out and don’t really enjoy it, you still get the same emotional benefits. Or so says The New York Times.

… Shopping For New Shoes. I need new running shoes. I have a specific pair that I have my mind set on, but Shawn thinks I should be properly fitted before selecting my next pair. What do you think? Is getting fitted for running shoes worth it?


4 thoughts on “Fridays are for s’more waffle cones.

  1. A recent Runners World article was about running shoes and fitment. It said that they would recommend getting a consultation at a running store, BUT, different running stores may give you different prognoses. They ultimate point of the article was that comfort should be the main thing, because you may go to 3 different fitments, and they could all be different.

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