Being Adventurous in Boring Places


I am feeling a little grumpy about the great state of Delaware. Everything is dead and brown and grey and damp. This is officially my least favorite time of year.

I have walked the same trails over and over again. And some of them are by a creek, which is nice. Scenic. But they are flat. Surrounded by the same hibernating trees. It seems like no matter how far I drive, or how creative I get, the view is always the same: Trees. Undergrowth. Trail. The end.

I get a little swept away by the pictures I see on adventure blogs. In Colorado! In Oregon! In Arizona! Part of me wishes that my casual Sunday afternoon adventure could also be in the mountains or along some rugged coast.

But I don’t live in one of those places. I live in Delaware, where we have flat trails surrounded by trees. Don’t get me wrong, I like trees. But I could go for a little change of scenery, and for a little change in elevation.

I could get cranky and complain and spoil a perfectly good hike. But I do know that great views is not what adventure is all about. It’s certainly part of it. But adventure is about enjoying the great outdoors: and simply being outside counts, regardless of where you are. It is about trying something new: a new trail, a fresh viewpoint, a different direction. It is about challenging yourself: try a new sport, run in a new place, seek out a new experience. I need to stop worrying about what adventure is supposed to look like and go out and get some of my own.


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