My First 13.1: The Disney Princess Half Marathon



It was exhausting and hard and fun and painful and exhilarating.

My official time was 3:15:30, which was slower than I had hoped. I kept a steady pace of 14:30 for most of the race. But as my friend Laura said: the goal of your first half marathon is to finish. Which I did! Yay!

We started in Corral G, which was the second to last group to run. About 1.5 miles in, we passed the winner of the race on her way back to the finish line. There were plenty of distractions along the course: DJs, live bands, and every Disney character you can think of. The lines were long to get your picture taken, so we passed. That morning was unusually warm, so we took advantage of every water stop– which popped up every mile or so. Most of the race took place on the roads outside the parks, but we did run through Magic Kingdom. The crowd was so thick that we had to literally walk under Cinderella’s castle– I think everyone wanted to stop for a photo op.


Right around mile 9 I began to feel very, very tired of running. We had heard the crowd would start to thin out, but that never happened (possibly because there were, oh, maybe 18,000 people ahead of us). We were constantly passing other runners and being passed. My GPS says that we actually ran 13.75 miles, which I can only guess is from weaving around people. I ran in my Merrell Pace Gloves, because, well, thats what I’ve been training in. But I have been doing most of training on a trail, and I think running on asphalt took its toll on my legs. I had one large blister on my right big toe, but other than that, my feet fared well. I was also suprised at how well my lungs held up; I was able to chit-chat a little with my sister-in-law along the way which I took as good sign. The last mile was through Epcot, thankfully, so we had plenty of distractions to push us to the finish line!


Where we got a super awesome medal, bottles of water, and a box of yummy snacks.

I went straight back to the room, took a shower, and got into bed for a nap. I debated icing my kness and my right ankle, but my desire for a nap overtook me… That day my legs were very tired and sore, but by Monday morning they felt good again. Minus the world’s largest blister on my right big toe, which is still there. And is still inhibiting my walking ability.

A few people have asked me if I will run another race. During the race, I swore that I wouldn’t. But I do like the idea of another one. I like the idea of staying fit, being a runner, and improving my time. So we’ll see.


5 thoughts on “My First 13.1: The Disney Princess Half Marathon

  1. Congratulations! I can’t imagine running in a group of 18,000 people. I’m a fairly new runner, running my first 10K this Saturday and hopefully running my first half in October. Love reading your blog.

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