Racecation Book List

Some vacations require fiction. It’s just like bringing your new swimsuit or that game you always want to play but never get the chance to at home. It’s one more accessory helping you escape everyday life; diving into a story that takes your mind to new places and new people. There is a science in choosing the right reading material to take with you: It can’t be too all consuming, like the Hunger Games, or you will never see the outside of your hotel room. But short stories might prove too easy to put down.


This vacation, based on my stack of books, is a non-fiction vacation. More by default than conscious choice, this selection says something about my expectations for this trip. I want to be renewed and refreshed; I want to come back with clarity and direction. I might even want to learn a little something.

Gift From The Sea has been on my reading list a long time– and I have always wanted to read it by the sea. Hopefully I will check that off my list next week. I have started both A Walk in the Woods and The Courage to Start. The first might be my go-to airplane read, because it makes the time fly by. The second will hit the spot if I find myself hyped up about running (since this vacation is about my first half marathon, after all). Daring Greatly has been on my list for a while– and a quiet, relaxing vacation might give me the space I need to dig into a great big thought-provoking and self-reflecting book like this. I borrowed In Defense of Food from my friend Kaitlin. I want to read it, really, but I know that once I have I will be responsible for the knowledge it contains, and I’m not quite ready for that. But I probably won’t ever be, so I should just go ahead and read it.

Five books seems a bit ambitious for a week-long vacation, but… I can’t really pick one to leave at home. Now I have a few days before we leave to finish Flight Behavior— and return it to the library!

What are your favorite books to take on vacation? Anything I should add to my list?

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