Off The Leash


The Land Conservancy of Southern Chester County has a park where your dog must be “under your control at all time”– but doesn’t need to be on a leash. We finally went to check it out last weekend. Saturday was deceivingly chilly– extremely sunny but exceptionally cold with 30 mph winds. We hiked a mile or two, and I don’t think Mowgli stopped sprinting the entire time. He even went for a dip in the creek– I have yet to find a temperature too cold for this dog to get wet.

I am equal parts terrified and in love with walking Mowgli off the leash. In love because: he absolutely loves it. Call of The Wild-style, he is in his element. I expect him to run off with a pack of dogs and start hunting deer at any moment. But I am also terrified: Because I don’t think he is actually in my control. We were not the most disciplined people in our puppy training, and therefore did not produce the most disciplined dog. He would never hurt anyone, but he could certainly scare some unsuspecting hikers.

Fortunately, we didn’t encounter anyone else on the trail. This little park is tucked away down a private road, so I am hoping it stays nice and quiet– and the perfect place to let your dog off the leash.


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