My Last Long Run

Yep, this is it. Two weeks until the Disney Princess Half Marathon, and I am officially “tapering”.

I managed 11 miles this past weekend. I seemed to hit the trail at the same time the college running clubs meet, which meant that I was passed by every other runner on the trail. Nothing like a herd of 18 year olds leaving you in the dust to make you feel, um, race ready.

I did stop once to admire this great blue heron on the trail. A little bit of beauty on an otherwise brown landscape.


I have been averaging a 13 minute mile (people can walk faster than that, right?) which means that, hopefully, my race time will be under three hours. I said hopefully! My legs felt good afterward, but you know what still hurts today? The top of my feet. I’ve heard this could be a barefoot shoe dilemma, but I haven’t looked into yet. If you have any tips, let me know!


Now it is time to focus on the important things: like my race costume. I’ll keep you updated!

P.S. Finally washed my shoes last night in the washing machine. I made the mistake of washing them with a dog blanket, so they now have dog hair permanently adhered to the sides. But they smell great!

3 thoughts on “My Last Long Run

  1. you will be so inspired by the other runners i’m sure you’ll make it under 3 hours! i’m not sure about pain on top of your foot, but i had pain on the bottom on my feet when my shoes were too small? good luck!

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